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Michelle Tan
Feb 08, 2021
In Introductions
Hi everyone! I'm Michelle. I LOVE playing music - I play piano, flute, and just started learning violin! I'm also the founder of a youth performance group, Youth Musicians Assembly. We are focused on: 1. Sharing music and developing performance experience! I love playing my instruments, and I get so absorbed in the music when I practice. However, during important performances, I would get completely overtaken by my nerves. Plus, with the pandemic, there were no places to perform and I started losing motivation. That's why I hope through the YMA, youth musicians such as myself are able to help each other develop confidence and show off the fruits of our hard work through our weekly virtual performances. 2. Connecting youth musicians and giving back to the community through concerts! Some of my favourite pre-pandemic moments in music are making music with my band, orchestra, and playing in hospitals for patients and their families. Lots of these amazing experiences have diminished because of the pandemic. Through the YMA, we are able to make music together again for the community through community concerts (coming soon!) If you'd like to learn more, visit our Instagram @youthmusiciansassembly If you'd like to join, visit You can reach out to us at Share this wonderful opportunity with music lovers you know who may be interested as well! Thanks for reading my story! It's very nice to meet all of you! ✨
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Michelle Tan
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