Your Amazing Friends

What makes friendship so important? Is it the trust and memorable moments you spend with them or is it because friends help us openly communicate with others and relax? There are endless reasons why friendship is important. From improving our social/life skills to improving our quality of life, friendships have numerous benefits! Have you ever realized how much your life changed from your friends and the time you spent with them? We don’t just talk with our friends, we also learn more about ourselves and our mental health. Friends are more than just loyal and dependable; they teach each other everything about navigating their lives from making simple conversations. Such as how to interact with others, as well as how to love, laugh, and forgive. This is why friends provide the safe emotional space we need to be ourselves, even when we find ourselves outside our comfort zones.

Encouraging Healthy Behaviors

When you are with your friends, your friendships can help you make lifestyle changes that can have a direct impact on your well-being. Sometimes our friends leave lasting impressions that motivate us to be better, either in school or maybe with extra curriculars. For example, our friends help us set and maintain goals, maybe to eat and exercise more. Or maybe your friends would motivate your future career and passion. Besides family, friends are compassionate and will watch out for you and give you heads-up when any unhealthy behaviors are getting out of control. Such as drinking too much or even getting into something you would regret later. Friends make it much easier to get out and stay active if your friends are by your side. If you get a chance, thank your friend for everything they have done to either support you when you were down or just for sticking with you!

Friends Push You To Be Your Best

Friends always provide a positive influence and atmosphere that brings out the best of us. If you make friends with people who are generous with their time, who like to help others or are ambitious or family-oriented, you are more likely to develop those values yourself. This idea that the people you hang out with reflect and or impact who you are now and how you see yourself. You can say this is a superpower of great friends. So don't underestimate the power to mold and shape you into the best version of yourself.

They see you and love you for who you truly are. No matter what you may think they will always encourage you and push you to do better and be the person you want to be your "ideal self."

Raises Your Self Esteem & Confidence

Everyone experiences self-doubt at some time in their life and many students face depression and low self-esteem because of it. But our friends know us and can relate. They know who we are and they will try to lift us and remind us of all the amazing things you can do. You should never doubt yourself no matter what others may say or what you believe. Everyone has something special they can call their own, that alone makes you unique so pat yourself on the back. We might doubt who we are, what we are capable of, the decisions we already made, or the relationship we are in. However, at those times a good friend can make all the difference. When we are doubting who we are or what we can do, our friends give us the confidence we need to be ourselves as they cheer us on about our successes and effort to grow.

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