You Are Not a Failure

Rejection and failure hurts. It hurts really badly, especially if we work so hard for a certain position or job. Repeat this to yourself. I am not a failure. I am worthy. I am valid. I am human.

There are over 7 billion people in this world, and we aren’t all going to succeed. This is the hard truth; we aren’t always going to get everything we want. We are going to face bad days, hard days, days where we feel like we have absolutely no energy to do anything. But that doesn’t make you a failure; it makes you human.

Think about it this way: if you didn’t get a certain position, award, or something that you really wanted and worked hard for, it wasn’t meant for you. Life will plan for you what it will, and you can just roll with it! However, you are free to choose your own choices and your own path. If something doesn’t work out, don’t beat yourself up over it. You aren’t to blame, and you can try again. You are worthy of so much, and there will be so many more opportunities out there for you.

Please don’t give up. You will go through so many rejections, failures, and mistakes throughout your life, but those don’t define you. You get to decide what affects you and how much of an effect they will have on you. Keep smiling and keep pursuing everything that you want. Your dreams will come true, and I believe in you with all of my heart.

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