Ways to Relax

What is relaxation

Relaxation is defined as being in an emotional state with the absence of tension. The state of relaxation involves the absence of emotions like anger, anxiety, frustration, stress, paranoia, and fear. Relaxation in itself consists of doing things that lower the tension levels of your body. Examples include sleeping, yoga, and a hot bath. Doing these things can help you relax, but of course, it is not guaranteed to do so. Why? Because relaxation is also a necessary mindset. You have to want to relax or want to take a break in order for these methods to be the most effective. Constantly thinking about things that stress you out will not lower your tension levels, it will just increase them.

Why relaxation is important

When we relax, our blood flow increases and so do our energy levels. Relaxation allows us to think clearer and positively, without negative emotions clouding our judgment. Relaxing can help us cool down after a series of challenging events that took a toll on our body and mind. Never relaxing takes a toll because it is subjecting ourselves to the continuous cycle of stress and negativity, which can harm our lives and well-being. Constantly being stressed out can impact the relationships of those who we're close to. It will be difficult to sustain positive relationships with others and ourselves if we're never in the right mindset to do so. Relaxation helps us clear our mind once in a while, in order to mentally and physically recharge from stress.

Why we never allow ourselves to fully relax

Unfortunately, we live in a society in which people are looking for the next activity to do. People are trying to survive the best they can, which unfortunately leaves little time for thorough relaxation. People are also obsessed with productivity and while sometimes it's necessary, people often don't see when it's unnecessary. You do not need to be productive all the time, give yourself time to chill.

Ways to relax


-Listen to nice music

-Write in a journal

-Deep breathing

-Work out

-Go outside


-Watch comedy

These are some ways to relax. There are hundreds of other methods that aren't limited to this very shortlist. If you ever find yourself in dire need of de-stressing, find a method to incorporate into your routine to keep yourself relaxed.

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