The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is defined as a naturally occurring cycle characterized by altered consciousness of the mind and body. Sleep dates all the way back in time, and it helps all animals and humans survive. Sleep allows us to survive, keeps our nervous system functioning, and allows us to grow. It is imperative to get enough sleep each night in order to perform optimally and to feel your energy levels boosted. Sleep also helps the body conserve energy and other resources that allow our bodies to protect themselves.

We all understand as teenagers that it can be hard to find a normal sleep routine, especially with school and other work. Many youth are staying up till late night and early mornings and pulling all nighters. However, this will only impact your health and performance the next day. Find the time to go to sleep earlier or catch up on sleep to allow you to reset! Remember that sleep is considered a form of self care, and especially with the hardships of online school and extra classes, it is so important to find time to rest your body and mind. Go take a nap, or try to go to sleep earlier tonight because it will only benefit you!

Finding a consistent sleep schedule will allow your body’s circadian rhythm or 24-hour cycle to settle into a routine. This will allow you to feel more energized throughout the day and more sleepy during the night. Although you may feel that drinking caffeine or energy drinks will help you stay awake, they will only prolong your time awake for a little while before you feel even more exhausted. It is recommended that all teenagers get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day, but many aren’t even meeting this quota.

Don’t dismiss the notion of sleep because it will impact your own health and performance. In the long run if you don’t get enough sleep, your mood will be impacted as well, feeling more groggy and more irritable at times. Try developing a better schedule for yourself to maximize your growth and energy levels, especially during your youth.

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