The Importance of Prioritizing

As we continue through school and life we often feel overwhelmed from numerous obstacles time to time and it’s completely normal. However it’s important to learn how to deal with them. One healthy way to deal with these overwhelming feelings or assignments is to prioritize. Prioritizing is extremely important in identifying which task is more important as you break down all of the steps needed to organize and finish it on time. Doing this can help you develop certain healthy habitats such as organization, the importance of preparation and creating schedules.

One way you can prioritize is creating a to-do list for you to visualize all of the things you have to do and have it ranked in order of importance and time. If you weren’t able to finish all of your tasks that day, prioritizing allows you to show how much you completed today and how much you need to finish the next day. Therefore by taking the initiative to tackle the most difficult and crucial tasks first, your work lord just lightened up and now you can take a 1-2 hour break. To watch a movie or hang out with your friends. This makes you maximize your daily time and you will see how many things you can do within 24 hours. You will find this method most effective and successful if you don't want to waste time doing something else or need a visual to help you be more productive.

Another way to prioritize your daily life is to take time for self care. Address certain feelings, they can be either positive or negative. Like previously said, it’s hard to manage overwhelming feelings. You can incorporate healthy eating styles and exercising to your to- do list. For example you can walk around your neighborhood while listening to music to have a clear and open mind so when you get home, you feel more productive to get things done. Furthermore you can hang out with your friends, go to the movies or the park. Any place would be fine as long as you and your friends are comfortable and able to openly speak to each other about any concerns or thoughts.

Lastly, a great way to make sure you are prioritizing your professional development is to set a weekly goal for yourself. Start with 15 minutes a day to plan your thoughts for the rest of the week. Make sure that you are getting three to five hours per week engaging with personal development materials. Such as how your structure or plan is going, are you taking the necessary steps to meet your goals. These steps can take a long time so make sure you shouldn’t feel pressured to finish right away. I think that in order to boost our mental health and self-esteem, and to make sure that we are investing in a healthy work-life balance, we have to invest in ourselves. By making time to devote to personal and professional development outside of work, to ensure that you are giving back to yourself regularly. This time should just be about you. Even if you are trying to develop your professional skills, do so with the intention that it is to build yourself up, not to make yourself better at your job.

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