The Glowing up Phenomenon

What is a "Glow Up?"

Glowing up is defined as a magnificent physical transformation. This typically occurs during puberty and is something many teens look forward to achieving. This is because glowing up is supposed to make you more attractive, and therefore more confident and desirable. However, the term Glowing up is also catering to internal achievements. For example, getting all A's, drinking more water, and being more adventurous. The overall end goal of glowing up is achieving more confidence. Whether it's more confidence in your intellect, or more confidence in your appearance, glowing up is desired by a demographic who aspire to have more confidence.

How does this concept affect people?

Glowing up is a term that caters to teens. The media heavily affects the self-esteem of teens, and teen insecurity continues to reach an all-time high. In fact, more than 50% of teens have suffered from insecurity, and this percentage is continuing to grow. Because of this, many people desire a 'glow up' in order to escape the rabbit hole of insecurity. Teens these days just want to feel good about themselves. There are billion-dollar markets catered to teen insecurity. Examples are diet markets, braces, acne, etc. While these are insecurities that are totally okay to have, the media and capitalism push an agenda towards teens in order to receive more money. Glowing up is essentially an industry catered to playing with the insecurities of teens.

So what can we do?

My advice to teens is to just live life. Stop worrying too much about what you think you should look like, and focus on living your teen years to the fullest. Remember that the only glow-up you should actively strive for is an internal one. Work on your grades, hobbies, and skills, Living life for the sole purpose of your vanity is not a life well-lived. Do what you like to do without insecurity holding you back!

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