Study Tips

What is studying?

Studying is defined as closely reviewing and learning new material. It is when you devote time and attention to learning something new. People study across the globe. Studying is a term most used by students who wish to be proficient in a certain course. For example, you may have a math test next week, but math is your worst subject. Because of this, you might devote a chunk of time to studying the math material so you don't fail the test. Studying the math material would give you more knowledge and proficiency for when you take the exam.

Why is it important?

Studying is important because it helps us acquire more knowledge and confidence about a subject. Let's go back to the math test. STudying for that math test not only make you more proficient in math, but it also made you more confident in the subject. Because you have more confidence, you are now somewhat less stressed about performing terribly on the exam. Because studying increases proficiency and confidence, it also reduces stress and test-taking anxiety. Studying doesn't guarantee that test-taking anxiety and stress will reduce, but it does help in most cases.

Study Tips

  • Don't just read the material, make sure you thoroughly understand it.

  • Use flashcards to aid memorization

  • Teach someone the material to ensure you've grasped it

  • Use acronyms for memorization. (Ex, Never Eat Soggy Waffles; North, East, South, & West).

  • Use visualization, attach a picture to the material.

  • Study for 25 mins, then break for 20.

  • Change the study location & minimize distractions

  • Take a practice exam

  • Track your studying with a planner

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