Social Media & Inadequacy

How social media can make us feel less than

What does it mean to feel inadequate?

The word inadequate means that something lacks in quality or quantity. So when humans feel inadequate, it means that they feel less than in some way or another. For example, you may feel inadequate if you scored less on a test than everyone else. Or, you may feel inadequate if you have less money than everyone else. These are not things that make people inherently less than, but they can make us feel that way nonetheless. Feeling inadequate usually derives from comparing ourselves to others. Remember, other people have their own problems as well. You're being too hard on yourself.

How does being on social media too much affect us?

Social media allows us to see the manufactured and planned lives of influencers. Social media allows us to see how good everyone is doing compared to you. Social media shouldn't be where you derive your self-worth. It is mostly fabricated and structured to make people look better in every way. Being on social media too much unintentionally allows us to absorb fabricated content daily. Your subconscious is automatically comparing yourself to these people, who aren't even real. Social media also allows us to base our worth on followers and likes. Not having enough of these things can make us feel less than our peers and everyone else.

What Can we do?

Take a break from social media. Stop comparing yourself. Work on bettering your point of view and your overall life. Working on yourself and focusing your energy on being happy will help you deviate from this negative mindset.

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