Sensitive Skin

If you suspect your skin may be sensitive, there are a few things you’ll want to do to take care of that skin. First off, try to use products that

are fragrance-free and free of other potential irritants like alcohol. Second, do your best to look for gentle formulas that are tested specifically for sensitive skin, and keep your routine as basic as possible.

Cleanser: Your skin care routine should begin with using a cleanser with a gentle formula so it doesn't strip off all the essential oils from your skin.

Alcohol-Free Toner: Toners offer a wide range of benefits, including balancing the skin’s pH levels post-cleansing, along with soothing the skin and removing any lingering bits of residue or dirt. Sensitive skin types can benefit from using a toner but should steer clear of those formulated with too much alcohol or astringent ingredients. Reach for one that’s mild with calming ingredients.

Serum: They are a great addition to a skin care routine as they target specific concerns.

Moisturizer: Make sure to end your routine with a good fragrance free moisturizer!

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