Saving a wasted day

Do what you wanted to do!

What does this mean?

Saving a wasted day commonly refers to productivity. For example, say you've been sleeping all day and suddenly wake up at noon. You might feel like you basically wasted half the day because you slept through it. This may make you either feel a little bad about yourself, or it may prompt you to continue sleeping. Saving a wasted day refers to waking up despite what you're feeling and getting things done. Just because you weren't productive doesn't mean you can't start. However, not all days have to be productive. If you want to sleep the entirety of a day, you probably deserved it by trying your best. This just refers to days where you feel as if you could be productive, but don't necessarily have the motivation to do so.

The importance

Saving a wasted day is important because it prompts you to be more productive. Sometimes when we've done nothing all day, we feel a little bad about ourselves for not doing anything. Not being productive shouldn't prompt feelings of guilt. However, if you overslept despite having a pre-planned schedule and you need to get stuff done, saving the day might be important.

How to save the day

Push yourself to get out of bed and get it done! Sometimes all you need is motivation to do the things you need to do. Here are some tips to help you remember the goals you set for the day. If you didn't have any set goals, these tips are still good to keep in mind.

  • Start your daily workout

  • Re-plan your day

  • Set quick goals

  • Clean your area

  • Do something you originally planned on doing. Ex( Study, cook, go for a run, etc.)

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