Do you ever find yourself in a place that makes you think that you’ve scrolled enough through social media for the day?

But, you are unable to stop yourself from scrolling through those unnecessary videos and pictures.

You know, how this ends?

A feeling buried inside of your soul, that makes you feel miserable and lifeless hops in and makes your day even worse.

Social media is a great tool to interact with your friends or family, and meeting new people. Education, networking, engagement are the unshakable pros of social media. All of us would agree on the fact that it helps us to learn, grow, socialize, and on the top of the list is procrastination.

Yes, the addiction of checking your Instagram after every 15 mins is the major lead to procrastination.

Social media fills your mind with an innumerable amount of content in a small amount of time. This enables your mind to lose its own thoughts and perception.

Thus, sometimes you might feel that you’re talking like some influencer or having an English breakfast just because some celebrity flaunted it on their Instagram.

Social media is a powerful distraction from the real world. We often get caught up in what other people are doing, but are unable to spend time on what we need to do for ourselves. The internet community also gives too much value to the wrong people.

This is a difficult question to answer but the risk of social media is too great. It's unlikely that you'll be able to control your internet addiction and it's likely that this will only cause you pain in the future. The best solution is to consciously control your social media usage.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, but with its growing popularity, it also becomes a major distraction from life. There are so many distractions online, and we're not just talking about ads or social media posts; we're also talking about updates from our friends and family members. But what can you do if quitting cold turkey isn't an option?

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are major time wasters for many people. These sites take up hours of our day scrolling through our timeline, looking at what everyone else is doing. This can lead to a lot of social comparisons and self-loathing.

We might not be able to quit social media completely but we can at least try to limit our time on these sites. Here are some ways we can cut down on the amount of time we spend on social media:

  • Estimate the amount of time that you spend on social media.

  • Unfollow the accounts that you feel are unnecessary and make you feel bad.

  • Use applications that help you to limit your time spent on a certain application and put a halt on the time-wasters.

  • Make a pact for yourself.

  1. No phone before 10 AM

  2. No phone after 10 PM

  • Consciously measure your everyday screen time make sure it is between 2-3 hours.

  • Start journaling and reading books.

  • Get an accountability buddy.

  • Do this practice for 15 days and thank me later!

As human beings, fundamentally we are supposed to interact and communicate with other humans physically. Sitting next to a stranger in a park and having an intellectual conversation about life is far better than chatting with a stranger late at night and discussing the actions of trollers.

Try this someday and with your family, friends, acquaintances, or even a stranger.

You’ll be amazed how great life is out of reels and you will actually acknowledge your presence on Earth and live the best moments of your life.

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