Reading Books

Reading books is definitely considered a form of self love and self care. Personally, I was always an avid reader in elementary school, but when I went to middle and high school, I completely stopped reading. It wasn’t until quarantine that I picked up reading again, and now I can’t stop, in a good way. Whenever you’re feeling down, never underestimate the power of a good book. Reading honestly transforms you into a new world where you are able to escape reality and everything that is worrying or stressing you out.

There are so many different genres of books, so many. There’s fiction, nonfiction, mystery, thriller, romance, fantasy, young adult, middle grade, historical fiction, and so much more. Even though one book may not be for you, there are so many more options out there, especially if you actively search for a book. Reading is a very personal and subjective experience. You are able to explore many different genres, writing styles, authors, and series. Once again, I have to emphasize that just because many people like a certain book doesn’t guarantee that you’ll like it.

There are so many benefits to reading, one of which includes simply taking care of yourself. Reading allows you to do something that you love while making you feel happy and engaging you within the novel. Reading physical books also allows you to rest your eyes from a screen, which is very prevalent today. Another benefit of reading includes the fact that it can help you expand your vocabulary, sentence structure, and your own personal writing style. Reading books actively makes you think about the words on the paper, and it can make you a better writer too.

There are so many different forms of reading available everywhere. This includes physical books, whether you buy them yourself or getting them from a library. There are also e-books on kindles, online libraries, etc. Also, there are audiobooks available that allow you to listen to a narration of the book. Whatever the form of reading you like, there are definitely books for everyone.

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