What is the importance of reading?

Reading broadens our horizons. It gives us access to knowledge we didn't have before, or it expands on the knowledge we already had. Reading is important because it provides us with education no matter what we're reading. Reading teaches us life lessons, empathy, information, and much more. Reading is something that more teens need to participate in, in order to help with their development. Because of school, many people see reading as a mundane task and something that is a burden to complete. That is why reading more as you get older is very important, because reading for leisure is something that many people have to develop. If you feel as if you have to actively disassociate reading with mundane, it may be a good idea to start reading very interesting texts that you wouldn't read in class.

The benefits

There are many benefits to reading. It can build vocabulary, help with sleep, help with mental illnesses, reduce stress, increase empathy, help with writing skills, improve focus ability, improve memory, and it can improve analytical thinking skills. Overall, reading most often helps to strengthen the brain. These improvements are things that can help with every aspect of your life. Increased empathy can help with your personal relationships. Increased focus ability can help you with school. Having more focus and memory retention will help you retain more information and study more efficiently. This can lead to better grades overall. Reading affects you personally, it even helps with stress and insomnia. Reading is something to heavily consider partaking in because the benefits are outstanding.

Different genres and interests

There are many different genres to dive into once you begin to read.

For fiction: Fantasy, realistic fiction, science fiction, dystopian, historical fiction, action, adventure, horror, thriller, romance, literary fiction, contemporary fiction, magic realism, and more.

For non-fiction: Memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, culinary, art, photography, self-help, history, travel, true crime, humor, how-to, humanities, religion, and many more.

There are so many options to help aid your book search, and there is definitely something out there you would enjoy!

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