Being Productive

What is productivity

Productivity is defined as the efficient production of something. It is usually measured by how much output was created by a certain input. For example, some might say that a student working on an essay and writing 10 pages in 2 hours for it would be productive. This is because of the great output that occurred in a small input of 2 hours. Despite this, productivity is mostly based on your perception of a great output. You might think that 10 pages are a lot, but a fast writer might think 10 pages aren't. The measure of productivity can vary from person to person. You may think you've been unproductive, but your unproductive days are someone else's productive days and vice versa.

How to be productive

Being productive takes discipline. You have to set goals for yourself and think about what you would like to get done beforehand. Many people know what they want to get done, but not how to get there. If this is you, ask a trusted person for advice and create a planner. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated on your own, so it is sometimes necessary for you to just jump in and see how it goes. While being productive, remember that you are a person and not a machine. Give yourself breaks and snacks because you're working really hard.

Why is it important?

Productivity is important because it is how people are able to get stuff done. If no one was ever productive, there's a lot that wouldn't be accomplished that is accomplished today. If you ever go to school or get a job, you may know that you have had to be productive at least several times in order to get your work done. In fact, going to school or work at all could be a productive task on its own.

What does it look like?

If you want to be productive, here's. a list of things to consider doing:





-Walk/Walk dogs

-Scheduling things beforehand



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