During quarantine, many people have developed productive lifestyles, and many people haven’t. Productivity is defined to be the ability of an individual, team, or organization to work efficiently within that time in order to maximize output. This can look like doing tasks in an efficient manner and using your time wisely throughout the day. With that being said, if you aren’t the most productive person, don’t fret because here are some productivity tips that you can incorporate into your daily life.

  1. Time block your day. This is a very subjective manner that works for some people and doesn’t work for others. Essentially, the goal of time blocking is to use your time efficiently throughout the day. You can do this on google calendar or on any piece of paper. Map out what tasks you want to do at what time, and this can be a general outline.

  2. Use a planner. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself whether it be an online planner or a physical planner. Writing out all of your assignments, tasks, and reminders can allow you to set realistic goals for yourself, and keep you accountable for anything that you have to do.

  3. Put away any distractions that you have. This can include your phone, food, or anything that can bring your attention away from your tasks. The main goal of productivity is being able to focus on what you are doing to finish it quickly and efficiently.

  4. Don’t obsess over the idea of productivity. We are all teenagers and youth, and we don’t have to be productive all the time.

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