What is procrastination?

Procrastination is defined as putting off something continuously. For example, say you have a 10-page research paper that is due next month. Writing and researching are really boring, so you do other things instead. You update your Instagram, watch your favorite series, bake your favorite cake. Overall, you do things you actually want to do. Unfortunately, you've put off that 10-page research paper until the last minute, and now you only have 1/2 day to complete it. This is what procrastination typically looks like. People would put off tasks they know they have to complete because mustering up the discipline and motivation can be a lot of work in itself.

What fuels it?

Procrastination is fueled by a fear of completing that activity. That 10-page research paper can look scary because it is long and tedious. The fact that a lot of free time and labor would go into creating that paper could be scary. In addition, most people would rather do something less intimidating in their free time. People would rather catch up on their favorite books or finally clean their room. Procrastination isn't necessarily equivalent to laziness. Someone who procrastinates can get a lot done, even if it isn't that 10-page research paper. This helps to reinforce the idea that procrastination isn't fueled by laziness, but by resistance or fear towards the tasks that you're putting off.

How to overcome it?

Create a short to-do list. Having an attainable to-do list will motivate you to complete all the tasks. Remember that it is okay to fail at something. If you forget to complete a task or simply don't, just move on to the next. Muster up motivation, even if it is fabricated. Motivation is an important factor when it comes to doing things. For procrastinators, that motivation may never come. Fake it 'til you make it! Find different ways to get yourself to complete tasks.

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