Practical Self-Care

Previously, we had covered ways to practice emotional self-care. But another important type, if you recall from a previous blog post, is practical self-care. In fact, it can be hard to practice the other 5 types of self-care if you don't take care of the parts of your life that cause the most stress. Let's take a look at some of the ways you can exercise this type of self-care.

Although this was covered in our article on emotional self-care, getting rest is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Sleeping is essential, so no matter how busy you may be, make sure to know your limits and get the rest you need.

Another essential part to anyone's life is getting food into your system, and not just a small snack, but eating full meals. Exercise is important, but make sure that you are still eating these whole meals every day. It may be hard to build up that habit if you haven't been doing so, but just know that you are never alone in this struggle.

Even though it's easy to feel unmotivated to do your work, homework, projects, or whatever else it may be, completing that work takes a ton of stress off your shoulders. You can even try rewarding yourself for finishing something early with an episode of your favorite show or your favorite snack.

When feeling unmotivated, it's also incredibly easy to avoid some of your other responsibilities, such as cleaning your room or maintaining an organized desk. Taking that step to clean your environment can make a huge difference in your mood.

Finally, if you feel like you want to get even more organized, try making a budget for yourself. There are numerous classes and resources out there to help you stay financially organized, and it can be fulfilling to follow through with a budget of your own.

These are only a few of the essentials to practicing this practical self-care. Especially in the state of this pandemic, and even more with online school, everything can seem so unmotivating. However, it's up to you in the end to take these small steps toward a happier lifestyle.

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