Perfectionism: A Double-edged Notion

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Do you ever find yourself in a state of mind that makes you want to be the most perfect person in the room?

An individual who is good at everything - an overachiever or a go-getter.

May it be studies, sports, or work, your mind and intellect always thrive for the better.

This is an inspiration for who you want to be, and it acts as a driving force to achieve your goals and be successful.

The idea of being a perfectionist will put forth a sense of accomplishment.

Perfectionism is something every student or worker chases but never tend to find in their lives. While some days may seem easier, some days you feel like walking down a lane with no insight. This leaves a negative impact on your mind and self-esteem. Perfectionism will suck your life out of you.

You often find yourself drowning under self-doubt and fretfulness as you’re unable to bring satisfaction to yourself. It makes you feel like a shadow of yourself because it doesn't give you the satisfaction that you think it can.

The worst thing about it is that you think any other job will make you happy, but it just turns you into a "human-mistake machine". The more you chase perfection, the worse it gets.

The biggest flaw of self-inflicted perfectionism is that it gives you less satisfaction from what you do. You spend all your time and energy doing something but nobody notices because they are too busy trying to do the same perfect thing. The reality, as we know, is very different than what we want it to be. You can't live in your hopes or dreams, even if they are great. One of the things I have experienced is self-inflicted perfectionism. However, at this point, I have come to realize that I am not a perfectionist at all.

Here are a few tips which I use to battle perfectionism, and I hope they help you too!



I’ve always used this trick, and this puts me in a position where I set a near-perfect standard for my work. This helps you to aim for an achievable goal and simply finish off your task on days when your procrastinating self is at its peak and you can’t convince yourself to work on that long-due assignment. The fear of not being able to do the best you can do acts as a catalyst to the process.

Now, all you need to do is start writing. Without aiming for an A+, go for an A instead.

In the approach to improve and polish something too much, try to do it in the first go!


We tend to follow the top influencers of the world on social media, eventually looking at their achievements and luxurious life, all you do is question yourself.

Why am I not good enough? How can I get into the top college?

When will I enjoy my life amid all the studies and pressure?

On the other hand, by following some people who have the same level as yours, your frequencies will match. Their achievements will not trigger your inner self that questions your capabilities.

By surrounding yourself with a group of friends who have a similar goal and the desire to work on it, you’ll feel motivated to work and accomplish your goal.


Mistakes are a symbol of learning to grow and letting go of the constant pressure to be a perfectionist. Sometimes it’s all about enjoying what you do. When you focus on learning and growing with the activity, your mind turns off the perfection mode and tells you to expand your horizons and just establish the knowledge of accepting yourself.


Do you know, what thrives you to work extremely hard and fulfill your target?

It's all about satisfaction.

Let me tell you one simple thing, you will never feel satisfied enough. Your inner self will always ask for more. May it be a bigger target or a higher grade or even keeping up with perfection.

Instead, you must accept the fact that your mind is never going to feel satisfied.

You'll slowly realize that there is no point in being so harsh on yourself and the room for self-importance might seem less extraordinary.

Perfectionism is an extremely powerful notion. This either makes you or destroys you.