What does it mean?

Being an overachiever just means that you go above and beyond in everything that you do. Instead of settling for 100%, you may negotiate with the teacher on how one of the questions warranted you a 105%. Instead of reading the recommended amount of books, you read twice as much. Being an overachiever can be a good or bad thing depending on how you handle it.

The upsides

The upsides to being an overachiever are that you get stuff done. You put 110% effort into everything and you do everything past the expected result. You might be organized and have a really fast-paced mind. Being an overachiever shows that you have self-discipline and you really put the effort into everything you do. It shows that you are extremely hard working and you persevere through the tough times.

The downsides

The downside to being an overachiever is that it can negatively affect mental health. Being an overachiever can ultimately make you take on more than you can handle. Because you always get stuff done, people might rely on you for various things. This would cause you to have extra unwanted responsibilities. Having so much to do can also limit the periods of relaxation. Because overachievers give 110% to everything, they may not have enough time for themselves and to relax. Because of this, the mental health of overachievers can diminish.


Many overachievers suffer from not feeling as if they are good enough. Because of this, they overcompensate when it comes to certain aspects of their lives. Some advice would be to confide in yourself. Ask yourself if you really want to do this, or you just want to prove something to other people. Give yourself time to breathe. You do not need to do something every second of the day. Be kind to yourself.

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