Organization & Creating Schedules

We all created schedules before. It can be something small as waking up in the morning to acing a test by practicing and reviewing. There are 24 hours in a day and we use these schedules as an important tool to effectively plan our activities and prioritize our time so that we can achieve our goals. When you create and stick to a schedule, you're establishing a routine. Through this routine, you would yourself having more structure and discipline in your life. This is necessary to help you find successful jobs and future happiness. Even though organization and creating schedules are important, you should always change and adapt to what suits you the best. By creating an adaptable schedule, you can fight back against uncertainty which can lead to stress and unhealthy habits.

Writing things out

Grab a sheet of paper or post stick and write down your tasks and assignments. Although many find this to be a waste of time and paper, studies show that writing things down helps more people think about what needs to be done. It is a useful exercise that will help you track and make sure that nothing is overlooked. If any of your tasks are part of a bigger project you can break the project down before the deadline and not be overwhelmed.


Prioritization is similar to determination. By focusing and giving your full attention to tasks that are more important and urgent you can later focus on lower priority tasks. If you do not take the time to prioritize, then you will have trouble getting things done on time, stress about how you will finish everything on your to-do list, and not be productive. In this tip or idea, you need to identify which tasks are the most important to you. If you have an assignment due tomorrow you shouldn’t waste your time playing games or watching a movie with your friends. Although relaxing is important you need to prioritize certain things over others.

Eliminate distractions and think things through

When planning your schedule or simply being organized you should always take into consideration factors that may affect your outcome. Such as distractions from feeling burned out, tired, stress, depression, etc. That is why you should get comfortable with your schedule with short breaks and relaxing time to yourself. While at the same time try eliminating these distractions or ideas such as: multitasking, going on social media, listening to loud music, watching movies and so on. Instead analyze your schedule and activity. Schedules change as your activity and mind set evolves. You need to review and analyze your schedule often to see what is working and what needs modification.

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