Needing Change

What is change?

Change is defined as an alteration of something. If you're wearing a t-shirt, but then wear another one instead, you have changed your t-shirt. Change can be applied to any aspect of your life. Maybe you want to quit your job and find a new one, or you want to transfer to a new school. Either way, you would be making some sort of change, whether it is a big or small one.

Why is change important?

The importance of change could be applicable to any aspect of reality. Society needs and does change with time. Social views and practices change over many years. Organizations could change the way they market. The climate could get even worse. The point is, you are not the only thing that needs change or that's changing. We all need it, even if we're inanimate objects. Change is important because it encourages progress. If you are unhappy with something in your life, like a job, accepting that a change needs to occur and acting on it generates progress. You are now less likely to put up with something you entirely dislike. This allows you to see life in a different way and accept change and progression more easily.

Why do we need change?

Change helps us become the best versions of ourselves. Changing bad behaviors can make people see you differently. For example, changing the fact that you make self-deprecating jokes can make you appreciate yourself more. This is because you aren't constantly putting yourself down. When people notice you are more confident in yourself, they are less likely to try to take advantage of you. Change can also make you overall happier. Maybe you wanted to move across the country or across the globe. Being away from where you are now can make you value life experiences more. The goal of change is to bring out the best versions of ourselves while maintaining happiness.

What steps can we take?

  • Push through the circumstances. Life circumstances can give us excuses on why we should postpone change, but it is better to make a change now than later.

  • Set goals. Think about where you want to be in the next coming months and how you want to achieve it.

  • Change your pessimistic view. Don't think about what could go wrong, just try and see.

  • Let go of negativity. Any negativity can halt change and progress.

  • Focus and be consistent. You got this!

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