Momentum of Motivation

Motivation may be rare these days, but it’s certainly not impossible to find.

These past few weeks, and even months, have been incredibly busy for many of us. And most of the time, we find ourselves frustrated, trying different methods to avoid the sources of our stress and discomfort, and ultimately losing motivation to complete routine, necessary tasks or accomplish certain goals.

Often, it is said that motivation is what brings about productivity. However, in a similar way, being productive can drive your motivation forward. Once you begin to gain momentum in being productive, keeping it going becomes a lot easier. The hardest, and most important part, is understanding how to start.

Here’s a method that often works for me to start (and continue) being in a motivated, productive state.

1. Clear your mind. When thousands of little things are bugging you and tearing away at your mind, you simply cannot focus. Take the time to step back, take a break, and get rid of these minor inconveniences.

2. Do something you’ve been putting off for a while. For me, this has included tidying up my workspace, cleaning out a drawer, finishing a book, and so forth. For you, it could be the same, or it could be any other small errand or task you haven’t gotten around to doing, that may have been at the back of your mind. This can be what sparks that momentum to get you motivated and essentially initiate your productivity.

3. Set goals. Visualize and write down a few specific goals, or tasks, you want to accomplish or get done short-term. I often use Notion to organize my personal goals (always very helpful!).

4. Break down those goals, and take the steps to reach them! The more organized your goals, plans, and steps of action are, the easier it is to get where you want to be. You can always reward yourself in some way upon completing a task or goal, or simply bask in the satisfaction of checking an item off your list. The most important thing, though, is keeping the momentum you’ve built up going, and practicing self-discipline to allow yourself to thrive.

You might surprise yourself with how much you can get done with the right amount of push and momentum. But through it all, don’t forget to return to step 1 consistently, taking breaks, clearing your mind, and of course, watching over your own mental wellbeing. Being productive and discovering this motivation can be an incredibly positive influence toward your mental health.

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