Mental Self-Care

If you remember, mental self-care includes both de-cluttering and exercising your mind. There are plenty of ways to do just this, but not everyone acknowledges the importance of this type of self-care. Here are five ways to take care of your mental health!

It doesn’t always have to be a puzzle, but any kind of game or activity that allows you to disconnect from a screen and focus on what is in front of you, is something worth trying. These are the type of activities that help you to both exercise your mind and relax your mind at the same time.

You might find that many of these suggested activities include disconnecting from your technological devices, and disconnecting from social media is one of the most important recommendations. It can be incredibly hard to do this, as we tend to sometimes wrap our entire lives in social media or technology. However, social media can not only be toxic, but can also be draining, especially for the mind.

You definitely don’t have to be a skilled writer to journal or write for fun. In fact, keeping a journal or writing down your thoughts can be an amazing exercise for the mind. Not only can it be surprisingly relaxing, but it also helps you to collect your thoughts during times of stress.

Once again, listening to a relaxing genre of music can help take stress off your mind. There are not only numerous playlists found on platforms such as YouTube or Spotify created specifically to help you relax, but there are numerous genres with thousands of songs made specifically to bring peace to your mind.

It can be quite difficult to get out of bed, and especially to leave the house, when life constantly weighs you down. However, it may surprise you how much taking a hike or a walk can refocus your mind. Even sitting outside in your backyard to do your work can help you find peace in nature.

Many of these tips seem obvious, but it takes true motivation to be willing to try these recommendations. Your mental health is important, so make sure that even if you don’t follow these tips, you find another way to care for yourself.

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