Me Day

Across the world, everyone has either experienced mental health challenges before or later on in the future. Feeling stressed from work and school is normal, but if it begins to affect your everyday mood, your relationships, or your mental health, it may be time to take a closer look. We all have the right to be happy so instead of constantly worrying about those issues, focus on taking a “me day.” It’s important to remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, you should always consider what is best for you and acknowledge what you deserve. This will make it easier to communicate your thoughts and feelings on the matter. In addition, take some time to relax and gather yourself. This power to change your unhappy lifestyle to a positive one is solely yours. Just remember that “me day” is supposed to help you get back on your feet, you should not abuse it to avoid work!

Decide What You Need Most

We have desires to have fun, play, and relax. So it's a no-brainer—if you're exhausted, your body will be screaming in pain or wanting to rest. If you feel you can't face another day of hard work, you may just need some time to have some fun. Whether you realize you're feeling overwhelmed or not, you should always practice self-care exercises such as reflecting on your day and mood or questioning what you did wrong today and how should I change it?

Take a minute and reflect: Would you benefit from hanging out with your friends or stay at home and recharge? Do you want to talk about your situation? Or just a change of scenery? There are many ways you can decide what to do, decide what you need most in your “me day.”

If You Need to Relax

Taking a mental health day often means taking time out to relax. That can mean watching TV in your pajamas for hours, or puttering around the house and doing nothing. As long as this isn't an everyday thing, that's fine. Some activities can take a little front-end effort and feel immensely relaxing once they're completed. Some things you can try is including yoga or some kind of exercise routine. Maybe try hanging out with your friends more, go to a restaurant or an event, share a smile with each other. Or maybe getting a massage, playing video games, or simply taking a walk in nature.

The key is to spend time doing an activity that you find relaxing, whether it's taking a hike, exploring a museum, or just spending some time immersed in a good book. If nothing grabs your attention, try to engage in something new you wouldn’t regularly try. This will help challenge yourself and help you understand yourself better, if you truly love something or the other surrounding hobbies, games, food, etc. If you want to use your mental health day to make real changes in your life, use it as a chance to evaluate as wekk, plan, and get ready to work on those changes.

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