With the rise of dependence on technology and phones, it is so important to take a step away from the world of social media and just relax. One way to implement this is to journal, which has become very popular among Generation Z and youth. Journaling not only allows you to rest your eyes by not looking at a screen anymore, but it also allows you to reflect on your day, write down your affirmations, and quite honestly do anything you want!

Journaling is personal:

Once again, I have to stress the idea of doing what works for you. For a long time, I was always obsessed with the idea of bullet journaling, making aesthetic journal spreads, and taking hours upon hours to draw and customize my journal. But it never worked for me; it only wasted my time and stressed me out even more. You have to do what works for you. A journal doesn’t mean aesthetic spreads that you see on Youtube or Pinterest. Don’t waste your time on mindless activities that “look nice” if it doesn’t help you in any way. However, if you do enjoy doing art and drawing, then do it! The main goal of journaling is to be an effective way to help plan out your life, reflect on what you can do better, and affirm who you are and what you want to do.

Where can you journal:

Honestly, journaling is very versatile, and you can either journal online or on paper. It would be best to have a physical journal rather than mentally cataloging everything as it can be easy to forget. In either case, do what works best for you. There are many journaling apps online such as Notion, Notes, or even a Google Document. It’s very easy to just search up where you can journal. Journaling can also be very effective on paper because it gives you a break from a screen. You can purchase a notebook, a pre-planned journal with prompts, or even use pieces of paper for each day.

What does journaling look like:

Each day, write out different prompts for yourself, such as “What makes you happy?”, “What can you do to make yourself smile today?”, “Who is one person that you love?”, etc. You can either make up your own prompts or search online for some prompts. Then, spend a couple of minutes writing down your answer, and be as truthful as possible because this is for your eyes only. You can also use a journal to write down a to-do list, plan your tasks for the day, and set your affirmations.

It’s never too late to start:

If you want to start journaling, do it! Do it for yourself, and find what works for you. Journaling can change your life in a good way, and you never know what will happen until you try! :)

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