What is Jealousy?

Jealousy is an emotion that affects everyone at some point in their lifetime. It is usually prompted by feelings of fear, insecurity, and concern. Jealousy also encompasses feelings of anger, dislike, disgust, helplessness, and worthlessness. Jealousy can occur in platonic or romantic relationships. It can also occur in everyday lives. For example, you may feel jealous that someone received a higher grade on a test than you, even though you studied more hours. You may feel jealous that someone has a cooler style than you, even though you try your best to look fashionable. The truth is, jealousy is something we all inevitably experience. The important aspect of jealousy comes from knowing how to overcome it. Being plagued by negative emotions all the time can cause you to make irrational decisions and even ruin your relationships. Jealousy can worsen insecurity and paranoia. Feeling jealous can ruin your mental health by giving side effects such as anxiety.

How do I get through this feeling?

In order to overcome jealousy, you must first recognize that you are jealous. Admitting to yourself that you envy something or are feeling jealous of something can help you overcome the feeling of jealousy sooner. If your jealousy is concerning a particular relationship, you need to communicate to them how you are feeling. Sometimes reassurance can help alleviate the feeling of jealousy. Another step for getting past the feeling of jealousy is to stop comparing yourself to others. Stop comparing yourself to people you think have better looks, grades, prospects, etc. Comparing yourself only heightens your own insecurity and jealousy. Feeling jealous about what someone has can be detrimental. You need to appreciate everything you have, and everything that makes you a unique person. Even if the person you may be jealous of seems to have it all, you need to remember that you don't see everything that happens behind closed doors. For example, the person you may think has amazing grades may overwork themselves to the point of self-detriment, or they may have a tutor. This, of course, doesn't take away from their academic achievement, but it shows that they also have hardships that you may not want. Getting through jealousy quicker requires higher self-esteem. Work on your unique self more, and you will see that jealousy occurs less often than before.

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