Hustle Culture and Summer

What is Hustle Culture, and how does it tie into summertime?

What is hustle culture?

Hustle culture refers to putting your mental and physical well-being after work. In other words, working so much that you have no time for yourself, all In the name of productivity. Hustle culture is on the rise, and it teaches young workers that they have to work themselves into oblivion to be respected and move up in the workforce. This mindset isn't good because no amount of work is worth your health. In fact, the system is just now working in of itself. Instead of the government simply paying workers a living wage, young workers are brainwashed into thinking that this is the only way. Unfortunately, sometimes they may not have another option.

How can it be damaging?

Hustle culture is damaging because it overworks the mind and body. In this culture, people take on overtime, work on the weekend and on holidays, and practice little to no self-care. All of this can cause physical consequences like back pain, as well as mental consequences like depression. The absence of a work-life balance factors into this. Not having any time away from work is terribly damaging, and should be reconsidered.

How does it tamper with summer?

Hustle culture interferes with summer because it is a period in time in which young adults have a lot of free time. Many feel guilty or unproductive seeing their peers do a lot in the summer while they aren't doing much. This feeling causes people to bite more they can chew in terms of workload. People often feel that if they aren't doing anything, that they're somehow lesser than people who do everything. People who do too much over the summer never truly enjoy it. It is okay to take on an interesting task while you have free time, but don't feel guilted into doing so. You simply won't enjoy it.

Spend your free time wisely

Don't spend your free time doing things you absolutely loathe. Spend your free time doing things that you enjoy. Spend it with friends, on walks, and maybe even in school clubs. Doing many things just to do many things will only deteriorate your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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