How to Destress and Relax

We all have bad days, days where we just feel horrible and stressed. Well, Self Care Support has some tips on how to relax and destress. This is considered self-love, self-care, and simply taking care of your body and mind when it needs it! You can practice these tips, daily, weekly, or even monthly. We should all remember that our body and mind do need rest, and we should grant it a break once in a while. With that, here are some of our favorite ways to relax at home.

10 methods to relax at home:

  1. Change your environment. Rather than sitting at the same desk or chair, move around in your house, go to the backyard, or even switch to a different chair. It does help!

  2. Meditate/practice mindful breathing: Many people do find meditation helpful. Whether it be just taking a few breaths for a few minutes or listening to a meditation video, these are great methods to help your body just breathe.

  3. Go walking or running: Exercise can help release healthy endorphins into your mind, therefore giving you a break and a fresh mindset. Make sure to wear your masks outside!

  4. Express your feelings: Whether this be talking to a friend, family member, pet, or journaling your feelings on paper or through video, simply getting out what is on your mind can help a lot. There are various online journaling apps/websites that you can get started with, or it can just be on a google doc!

  5. Practice your hobbies: Do what makes you happy! This can include anything from texting a friend to reading a book or watching a youtube video. You work hard, and you deserve a break!

  6. Get a snack: Food is fuel! Don’t be afraid to get a quick snack, and always remember to drink water too!

  7. Listen to music: music can have a soothing effect on the body, and listening to your favorite song can put you in a better mood!

  8. Try something new: This can be a new recipe or a new hobby like crocheting or journaling. Don’t be afraid to invest your time in something because you may end up enjoying it!

  9. Watch a quick youtube video, go on tik tok, or instagram: The key component here is to set limits for yourself so you don’t get too distracted. However, social media and media in general can help your mind reset after a long day.

  10. Take a nap or go to sleep: Sometimes all your body and mind needs after staring at a screen all day is rest. Let your body relax, and clear your mind of any stressors. I promise you’ll feel a lot better the next day!

We all get stressed at some point in our life, and there’s no way to avoid that. We all make mistakes, sometimes big ones, and we all are allowed to feel emotions. What is important is to not let those emotions overtake our lives and suffocate us. We need to learn how to manage our stress, and we highly recommend you utilize these methods in your daily or weekly routine! Sometimes all we need is a reset button, and remember to take things slow!

“Take a deep breath… inhale peace, exhale happiness.” - A.D. Posey.


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