How to Cope with Depression

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Depressed is different from stressed. If you want to know how to relieve stress, check out our other blog on recommendations to relieve stress.

Depression is a scary thing to have to go through. There are many types of depression and there is no real cure. There isn't always even a reason to be depressed. However, there are ways to help you take your mind off of things which can help toward living a more idealistic way of life.

Before reading on, here is a list of important hotlines that are useful and open 24/7 in case of any emergencies.

National Suicide Prevention:


General Crisis:

Text SUPPORT to 741-741

National Eating Disorder:


The Samaritans:



Sleep is essential in our daily lives and it is necessary to get proper amounts of sleep. Losing sleep for one night might make you crankier the next day and it completely sets your mood off. Having a lack of sleep has a long term effect that can be depression. Getting more sleep can life your mood much more than you think,


Find a new hobby or return to an old nostalgic hobby. Depression can be caused by boredom or a lack of excitement. If you keep yourself busy, you might be able to forget your worries in the meantime. A hobby can be music, cooking, or any type of sport. Anything works as long as you enjoy doing it!

Counseling or Therapy

Sometimes it's easier to just talk out the pain. Getting help from a professional might be your best chance. Make sure you are comfortable with the person you are speaking to. The psychologists will be able to give you some activities that can help you cope with depression.

Self Care

One common cause of depression is the absence of care for one's self. Maybe you are the type of person who always puts others' needs before your own. Maybe your friends and family are very demanding and keep you active on your toes. Whatever the case, always be sure to have an "alone time." Binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix! Eat a gallon of your favorite ice cream! Sit in a bathtub for two hours and give yourself a spa day! Take care of yourself!

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