How to Build Self Confidence

Why Self-Confidence is More Important Than You Think:

Self-confidence is linked to almost every aspect of a happy and fulfilling life; it can help build trust in yourself, allowing you to make decisions and choices that will ultimately impact you positively. Self-confidence will grant you the ability to have improved relationships, a stronger authentic self, greater resilience, greater motivation, and finally less fear and anxiety. Overall, it is crucial to be able to be confident and trust yourself in everything that you do. However, many people do struggle with their self-confidence, and here are ways to build it up!

12 Ways to Improve Self-Confidence:

  1. Practice self-care and dress yourself up once in a while if it makes you feel more confident

  2. The simple act of thinking positive

  3. Kill/get rid of negative thoughts

  4. Be kind and generous; allow yourself room to grow and make mistakes

  5. Know your principles and morals, and stick with them

  6. Set small goals, and be happy when you achieve them

  7. Smile and laugh more :)

  8. Focus on solutions, rather than problems

  9. Be grateful, and count your blessings daily

  10. Start the habit of exercising (it releases so many good endorphins!)

  11. Clear your room, your desk, and your headspace

  12. Take small steps, and go easy on yourself

We Aren’t Perfect:

Reminder to everyone: It’s okay to have dips and bumps in your self-esteem and self-confidence. As long as these “dips” aren't too large or extreme, forgive yourself for having bad days (because everyone does)! Look at yourself in the mirror, and say your affirmations and goals for the day. Remind yourself that you are worthy, and you are enough. :)


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