Getting a succulent

Why get a plant?

Plants often come with various benefits. Plants can improve your mood, lower stress, lower anxiety, improve pain tolerance, Improve air quality, and improve focus. Plants are a really great investment, and they can also test out the scope of your responsibility. If you want to get a plant, a succulent is a good choice. This is because succulents can survive under harsh circumstances and need very little water.

What is a succulent?

A succulent plant is a type of species that is designed to reserve water because of dry climates. A common example is a cactus. A cactus is a plant that reserves water and doesn't need watering often because it is commonly situated in desert areas. Their leaves are usually really thick and contain water inside of them. They only need watering about once every month, depending on the species.

Types of succulents include:

  • The bunny ears cactus

  • Echeveria Elegans

  • The crown of thorns

  • Aloe Vera

  • San Pedro Cactus

Steps to take care of succulents.

  • Make sure they get enough light

  • Have a watering schedule

  • Have a container with drainage

  • Don't water too often, succulents do not thrive in wet soil

  • Make sure your succulent doesn't get sunburnt

  • Place it near a window and take off the dried dead leaves

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