Feeling Overwhelmed

With everything going on in the world, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed. Let's face it, even as we grow older there will be more times in life when you’re going to feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re a student facing stress in school with work, peer pressure, and anxiety to college students and adults. The point is we can’t help but feel overwhelmed here and there. That is why it’s important to learn healthy ways to avoid feeling too overwhelmed that often leads to burnout, procrastination, and depression. Try to understand your emotions and why you act certain ways towards them, don’t brush them off or push through. It's important to take time and resolve certain issues causing those feelings.

Take an emotional time out

Instead of constantly worrying about your situations, if you have time to hang with your friends, take it. Go to a movie or go out and eat at a restaurant. The point is to take an hour or two away from your problems, physically somewhere else, if possible. Sometimes you just need the chance to talk with someone you're close with who is completely unrelated to whatever momentary drama is going on in your life. By taking time for yourself away from your problems you'll remember that there's a vast world out there, and life isn’t just about conflict and sadness it’s more about living your life the way you want to.

Ask for help

If you know you can’t handle something by yourself, always ask for help. Make it a priority to maintain contact with your support system or connect with new people. This could involve spending time with a trusted friend or family member, joining an in-person or online support group, or participating in a social activity that interests you. You could also think about your mental state and if you strongly believe you need it, seek a professional such as a therapist.

Find a creative outlet

Consider different ways to express your creative energy, such as art, writing, dance, music, or acting. You can also focus on exercising or mediating. Studies show that these types of creative outlets are associated with lower levels of stress. If you can, try to connect with your creative side at least once a week. If you find yourself struggling to cope with overwhelming feelings, you may benefit from speaking with a therapist who specializes in stress management. They can help you identify the triggers for your stress, change negative thinking patterns, and learn healthier ways to deal with your feelings.

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