Fear of judgment

What is it?

Having a fear of judgment refers to not wanting others to think of you in some way or judge you based on your appearance or actions. For example, let's say you wanted to dye your hair purple. You might really like purple and you really think that the hair color would look great on you. However, you are held back because of the possibility that people would see your hair and treat you differently or judge you for it. Because of this, you decide not to dye your hair. This is a hypothetical example of how having a fear of what people may think about us can influence our actions.

Why is it damaging?

It is damaging because it subconsciously makes us believe that others' opinions are more valuable than our own. It can affect our relationships with other people and how we act in our everyday life. If you constantly worry about what others think of you, you would be living life on eggshells to please everyone but yourself.

How to not care what people think

  • Value your personal opinion

  • Do what you like to do, even if it is scary at first

  • People care less than you think they care

  • Don't take negative comments on social media to heart

  • You don't have to be perfect. Allow yourself to dwell in uniqueness

  • Trust yourself

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