Drifting away from friends

What does this mean?

Drifting away from your friends could mean that you and your friends had a falling out, or it could simply mean that you and your friends don't hang out as much because of busy schedules. Either way, feeling like you aren't around your friends as much anymore can make you feel bad. If you feel this way, the best course of action would be to identify what may be causing you and your friends to drift apart, and then resolve the issue from there. Remember to communicate with your friends and let them know how you feel.

What are the signs?

Signs you are drifting apart can be as follows:

-Spending less time together

-Having more negative conversations

-Constant Miscommunication

-They aren't your go-to

-Lack of communication

How to deal with or resolve the situation

The best way to deal with drifting from your friends is to simply communicate. Sometimes it is just the busy schedules and other mishaps that cause you and your friends to not be as close anymore. However, if this is not the case, you may need to discuss other issues in order to save your friendship. In addition, drifting apart is natural. Growing is a part of life, and something that was most prominent at one stage might be less prominent in another. Making new friends as you grow is just a part of life.

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