Discovering a Hobby

What's a hobby?

A hobby is something that you always do to relax in your free time. They are typically something you enjoy doing, hence why you do it often. In addition, hobbies are typically an activity you can't always do because of work, school, and other priorities. For example, you may really like to read, but you can't always do so because you don't have much free time. However, any free time you do receive, you spend it reading. This is an example of what hobbies may mean to us.

Why are hobbies important?

Hobbies are important because we all need to relax once in a while. When we're not otherwise occupied, it is important that we get to explore and act on our interests the way we would like to. Having a hobby gives us something to look forward to. For example, maybe you had a long day of continuous work, and you can't wait to go home and paint. Maybe painting helps you relax and de-stress after a long day. Maybe painting lifts your mood and makes you happy because you enjoy it. Hobbies are important because it is vital to do something you truly like to do.

How to find one?

There's a chance you may already have a hobby. Think about what interests you and what you do in your free time. This can be multiple answers because you're not limited to one hobby. Think about what you're really good at. You may be really good a writing, so maybe you can pick up a hobby or writing stories. There are many ways to find hobby ideas, you could even search them up!

Examples of a hobby

Here are some examples of hobbies to try out:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Yoga/ Exercise

  • Scrapbooking

  • Singing/Writing Songs

  • Dancing

  • Playing an instrument

  • Cooking

  • Acting

  • Blogging

  • Fashion $ design

There are many things that you could do in your free time!

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