Cardio Workouts

A cardio workout is defined as any exercise that increases your heart rate and continues to keep it up for a long period of time. Many benefits come when you incorporate cardio into your routine. The obvious one is weight loss, as any other workout would provide. It is not always quick, but if you continue to stay consistent in your workouts, it may come over time. Another benefit is that it strengthens your heart. Cardio is short for cardiovascular, which relates to the heart and helping it function. You can also end up with higher amounts of energy after a cardio workout.

Some examples of cardio workouts are:

-Walking or running: Depending on how conditioned you are and what your current physical capabilities are, you can increase or decrease in the level of difficulty when walking or running. You can increase your speed, distance, and walking/running conditions. Instead of a walk around the neighborhood, you could go on a hike, which would add incline and make it a little harder. You can do the same with running by going on hiking trails or finding an area with hills. If you prefer a treadmill, you can also increase the incline or speed on most of them, as well.

-Biking: Just like with running, there are easy ways to adjust the intensity of the workout you get. You can bike outside or use a stationary bike, depending on which one you prefer. Start off slow and simple, and gradually add more to your routine when you feel ready.

-Swimming: Swimming is a great way to get a cardio workout. It keeps you moving and keeps your heart rate up, without the impact stress that running may put on your body. Swimming will strengthen multiple muscle groups, as well as build your endurance.

There are other ways to get a cardio workout in, but these are a few of the most commonly seen ones today. They all come with tremendous benefits and will definitely help you to have a healthier lifestyle as long as you keep with it. You can add other kinds of exercises into your workouts to strengthen other muscle groups, if you would like, as well.

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