Burn Out

What is burnout

Burnout is defined as a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. This state is typically prompted by excessive and long periods of stress. When you feel burnout, you are unable to do certain tasks you may have been able to do before. You are in an almost unbearable state of being overwhelmed. There are 5 stages of burnout. In the first stage, you are actively overworking yourself and haven't yet experienced the symptoms of burnout. In the second stage, you begin to notice that you are facing significant amounts of stress. The third stage is chronic stress, and the fourth is burnout itself. The fifth stage is habitual burnout, which means that these symptoms become a recurring aspect of your life.

Why is knowing about it important

Burnout can cause long and short-term symptoms that can be fatal to your health. Knowing about burnout can help prevent you from acquiring these long-term symptoms. Burnout can lead to depression, mental fatigue, physical fatigue, insomnia, stomachaches, anger, isolation, heart problems, high blood pressure, irritability, substance misuse, and more. Recognizing the signs of burnout is essential to reversing any oncoming damage that it causes.

Signs of burnout



-Headaches and muscle pain

-Change in eating habits

-Change in sleep habits






-Loss of motivation



-Withdrawing from duties



-Not doing work

-Substance abuse

If you experience any of these symptoms, it may be best to consult a professional.

How to avoid it

In order to avoid burnout, you need to recognize the signs of it. You need to be aware of how your body is responding to your everyday life. You also need to constantly practice self-care. In addition, taking care of your emotional and physical health will help you deal with stress better. In other words, take care of yourself!

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