Being Passionate & Determined

Our passion and determination are more important than what people give us credit for. Our passion is more than just an interest or hobby, it's our main motivation that brings great meaning to our lives. For some, it’s easy to find their true passion but for others, it can be hard. If you want to find your true passion, you should take the initiative to change your lifestyle with your own two hands. Try experimenting with different activities or interests while having the determination to improve and move forward.

When we think of life, we often focus on our futures and the things we want to do. Our passion drives our actions in our current time to prepare us for that future. If you want to pursue that dream or to make it come true, you should always work hard while reminding yourself to take time for self-care. There are many benefits to pursuing our passions, whether they are a hobby or a form of service to our fellow community, or both. Either way, our passion is extremely important and you should never lose sight of your dream!

Here are some ideas of your passion

Being Healthy: eating well-balanced diets, working out, sports, yoga mediation

Learning & Growing: learning new skills, reading, self-reflecting, journaling

Work & Community: volunteering, training, helping others, business

Creativity: cleaning, organizing, creating youtube videos, poetry, art

As you can see from the numerous ideas above, these activities help shape and identify you. Our passion and determination helps us create breaks in our busy everyday lives as it’s usually something that brings us great pleasure and helps us feel fulfilled. While you are seeking your passion, find something mildly engaging, and begin learning everything you can about it. Not only would this help you prioritize, but this will also help you widen your mindset and thinking. It can be a useful skill such as learning a new language, creating a website, or investing. Or maybe you can do an enjoyable activity that involves research and learning like bird watching, uncovering your family tree, or drawing.

Immerse yourself in whatever piques your interest, whether or not you believe it will be your passion. Become more skilled or knowledgeable about a topics you love or something you just might be curious about. Practice regularly and take pleasure in the process of learning. Also take time alone to listen to what our soul is telling us and to recognize our strengths and interests leads to authenticity, which in turn leads to greater self-confidence. Lastly, with increased self-confidence and new strengths/ interests, we become empowered to combine our passions and take them to a whole new level that can push us to be better individuals.

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