A Guide to relaxation: Carnivals

What are carnivals

Fairs and carnivals are festive events in which there are games, amusement park rides, food, and more. A common staple of a carnival is the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is a round ride that takes you to see the entirety of the carnival from the top. Carnivals typically occur from spring to summer, with the weekends being the busiest days. Similar to carnivals are amusement parks. Amusement parks are usually year-round, bigger, and more versatile than carnivals. Examples of amusement parks are Disney World, Six Flags, Hershey Park, and Orlando Studios. These are much more expensive than fairs and carnivals, but they do have more to offer.

How do they tie into relaxation?

Carnivals are an amazing way to relax. It is a time where you can enter a place and be almost entirely stress-free. The loom of outside stress evaporates, especially when you go on an exhilarating amusement ride. Carnivals also have nice foods and treats, so having a delightful snack is also a great way to temporarily forget about worldly stresses.

Who should you go with and when

You should definitely go with friends and people you enjoy hanging out with. Relaxation cannot fully occur if you're on guard 100% of the time. The best way to ensure that you are absent of tension is to go to the carnival with people you are comfortable with and people who do not stress you out. Remember to visit the carnival on a nice day to avoid being rained on!

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