As I talked about in the first article of this series, yoga is a form of exercise that incorporates flexibility. In yoga, you use controlled breathing to enter into a meditative state as you move into different stretching positions. Some common benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, relaxing of the muscles, better sleep, manages stress, and improves balance. As with most exercises, yoga doesn’t just improve your physical state, it also is very beneficial to your mind. It will help with your overall well being, and is a perfect way to start or end your day. Yoga is something that anyone can do, no matter your level of difficulty. You can do simpler stretches, or choose to try more complicated poses. No matter what you decide, it will benefit you all the same and will continue to help you grow in your mindfulness and exercise routine. You can do yoga by yourself, or you can try to do partner poses to make it more fun.

Some poses you may want to try are:

Tree pose

Downward dog

Child’s pose


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