(20 Ways On) How to Self Care

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Self Care is essential!

Taking care of yourself is important, for a good mentality, a good health, and a good life :)

There are many ways to self care, and what one person does can be drastically different from what another person does, and that's perfectly okay!

Here are some 20 more (simple) ways to self care!

1. Try to maintain a good sleep schedule

  • Don’t hit snooze

  • Make your bed right after you get up -- it's also one small achievement to start your day

  • Open the blinds after making your bed (You need that vitamin C)

  • Try to get enough hours of sleep. Sleep = energy, and without that energy, you wouldn't be able to do/finish the thing that doesn't let you sleep. (Annoying, I know)

2. Drink water, and constantly throughout the day! (Think about that clear skin!)

3. Try to eat healthy and try to stick to a schedule. Don't skip meals, and don't just grab a fruit and call it a meal.

4. Exercise! Or do yoga/meditation. It helps clear your mind, and can be very refreshing.

5. Practice good hygiene! (Especially with a global pandemic happening right now)

6. Go out and be social :)

  • If you're an introvert, yes okay, fine, forget the social part. But go outside! Get a little sun. Explore a park or go get a coffee.

7. Clean your room!

  • Take away all those bottles and mugs

8. Write down goals that are realistic and attainable. It's good to physically see them :)

9. Have weekly selfcare nights

  • Take a bubble bath!

  • Do a full facial

10. Find a new hobby

  • Start a gratitude journal

  • Take up painting or crocheting :)

11. “Cleanse” your social medias

  • Unfollow accounts that have a negative influence on you!

  • Follow positive social media accounts!

12. Stop comparing yourself to others!!!!

13. Compliment yourself and LOVE YOURSELF! You deserve it.

14. Try out new styles but make sure to find your own style :)

15. Daily affirmations!!

16. Process your fears

  • Not that you have to face them head-on by yourself first thing tomorrow, but acknowledge them and don't keep them in mind if there's nothing you can do about them.

  • If your fears are affecting your day-to-day activities, reach out for help from friends, family, or professionals. There's nothing to be ashamed of in asking for help, and there are always people who can and will help you!

17. Say no! Don't do things you don’t want to do

  • Remember, no means NO.

  • Even if you're not the one being coerced to do something you don't want to do, if you see someone else being harassed, step up (if it is safe to do so).

  • And always remember, anything can happen to anyone, of all race or gender.

18. Let go of toxic people! And yes, you can have toxic friends

  • Drop them!!

19. Don't overthink about what you think strangers think about you.

  • People aren’t focused on you as much as you think they do! They don’t care about that pimple on your forehead or your dark eye bags. They are focusing on themselves just like you.

20. Focus on YOURSELF. Make a list of your wants/needs, what makes you happy, what makes you sad. Write down your problems. It’s good to let things out :)

**I hope these were at least somewhat helpful, but of course, there are plenty of other ways to self care and maintain a positive mentality.

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