Episode 31: Guiding Students to Educational Success ft. Marilyn Galiothe

Ms. Marilyn Galiothe is the Founder and Executive Director of Strive Survive Succeed, a community driven, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting East Bay underserved youth through scholarships, mentorship, college preparatory workshops and college campus tour.

Marilyn was brought up in a Haitian household where education was very important and taught to be powerful; after graduating from high school, Marilyn obtained her Bachelor's degree from the University of California,


Santa Cruz with a major in Business Management Economics and completed her Masters of Business Administration from St. Mary’s College of California with concentrations in Finance and International Management. In addition to operating Strive Survive Succeed, she is a finance professional at a Fortune 500 Company, active participant in multiple community service projects, a member of professional organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and an active component at her father’s church in Oakland.

During her collegiate career she accessed invaluable experiences and knowledge and she wants to see more of East Bay youth exposed to the same opportunity. With her own personal encounter with life’s unfortunate circumstances and understanding the importance of education it is her desire to take part and strive for a change. As a scholarship recipient herself, she wants to give the same chance that was provided to her during her high school and collegiate years.

Learn how Marilyn's experiences led to her journey with Strive Survive Succeed, and hear her advice about balancing work life with a personal life and tips on succeeding in college and beyond.

Episode 32: Bridging Gaps in STEM Education ft. Archika Dogra

Archika is a sophomore at Princeton University and the Founder of Innoverge, an international nonprofit empowering underrepresented and underserved youths with social impact-focused STEMxHumanities education. Innoverge has impacted 6,700+ youths in 14 countries and 54 locations, spanning 250+ free workshops, camps, and programs. Alongside educational outreach, Archika is passionate about the intersection of computer science and social innovation. She has previously interned under NASA, the University of Washington, and Sensoria Health, a bioinformatics


wearable technology startup. This summer, she worked for CityTaps, a Parisian startup building technologies to bring affordable running water to poor urban households in developing countries. Archika's work has been featured in Forbes and Geekwire and she has been recognized as a 2019 Global Teen Leader and Mars Generation 24 under 24 Leader in STEM.

Learn how Archika's STEM journey started and expanded, and how she now empowers thousands of youth to pursue this field.

Episode 33: Driving Change Through Passion ft. Mia Kotikovski

Mia Kotikovski is an experienced leader and serial entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit sector. She is skilled in non-profit organization management, communications, recruitment, social impact, and outreach. Mia has founded Cultured Kids Cuisine with the mission of fostering cultural awareness through food, and since its founding, has made a positive impact on over 1,700 children worldwide through their free services and resources. Aside from her role as the President and CEO of Cultured Kids Cuisine, she has also founded a biomedical engineering/public health non-profit, Makers for Change, aimed


to use 3D printing to bring medical supplies to underserved, marginalized communities. In addition to her entrepreneurial passions, she is also an avid clinical researcher, hospital volunteer, and public health advocate on her University campus.

In this episode, listen as Mia takes us through her journey utilizing her passion for food/cooking and public health to change the world, and find out how she managed to overcome significant obstacles and expand her work!

Episode 34: Serving Communities and Peers ft. Vivian Wang

Vivian Wang (@vvivianwang on Instagram) is an incoming freshman at Stanford University studying computer science, symbolic systems, and Spanish. In high school, Vivian served as a Student Advisory Board Member at the Los Angeles Times High School Insider. She dedicated her journalism pieces to write about mindfulness, self-care, and mental health. As a social entrepreneur by day and computer scientist by night, Vivian has been involved with the Bank of America Student Leaders Program, DHL Global Youth Volunteer Leadership Fellowship, TEDx, National Center for Women & Information Technology, Kode With Klossy, and Girls Who Code. She is also a


college admissions advisor who seeks to empower her advisees with meaningful college essay tips and strategies.

Over the past six years, Vivian has led her nonprofit organization, Linens N Love. Leading an organization comes with great responsibility and significant time commitment, so Vivian enjoys talking with youth leaders about the importance of recognizing burnout, avoiding micromanaging, and establishing a balanced life.

In this episode, learn how Vivian first started Linens N Love, along with how she continued to serve her community and balance her incredible work and projects as a high-school student.

Episode 35: Living Life to The Fullest ft. Jessica McDonald

Jessica McDonald is a podcast host and creative writer currently pursuing a degree in Psychology in downtown Toronto. Jessica's podcast, Human to Human was born out of meaningful conversations with best friends about navigating life in your 20’s. Jess often talks candidly on air about her dating experiences, therapy realizations, daily epiphanies, and the importance of trusting yourself. Through the uplifting community spaces Jess creates, she hopes to empower others to be their most genuine and authentic selves.


Learn how Jessica first started her podcast and how she grows and learns something new from each episode and experience she encounters. Find out how you, too, can stay true to yourself and live life to the fullest, straying from hustle culture.

Episode 36: Blending Design and Emotional Intelligence ft. Rachel Weissman

Rachel Weissman is the Founder & CEO of Design To Be, a community for designers to grow their emotional intelligence, an EQ Coach, and a Meditation & Yoga Teacher. Most recently, she was an Interaction Designer at Google, working on Google Maps and Search. Outside of her role, she was an active contributor to the Google Maps UX Wellbeing Committee, improving the wellbeing of Google Maps UXers. She was also a gPause Meditation Teacher, a mindfulness community for Googlers. Prior to Google,

RachelDWeissman_Headshot (2).jpg

she was a Senior Product Designer at Salesforce, the Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Insights Abroad, an early-stage startup, and an Experience Designer at Digitas.

Rachel is also the host of the Design To Be Conversation podcast, a keynote speaker, who speaks at the intersection of design, emotional intelligence, and meditation, and an avid writer with a monthly newsletter, Imprint.

Learn about Rachel's design journey, along with the obstacles faced and lessons learned. Learn how she combines emotional intelligence and design in her projects and drives change through curiosity. 

Episode 37: Embracing Your Identity ft. Yasne Vismale

Yasna Vismale is a polymath: as the author of "Werk Your Net", a composer, a professional model, researcher, and undergraduate at Columbia University. Growing up between Seattle and New York, receiving grants to travel to various corners of the world, and being of Japanese and Afro-Caribbean descent, Yasna considers herself an international citizen. Through her ability to convey stories throughout various mediums and to different audiences, Yasna hopes to use her platform to inform, educate,


and inspire those around her to think critically about their ethical practices, expand their sense of compassion, and deepen their level of self-awareness and happiness to improve the quality of the human condition.

Yasna has been featured by McKinsey, “Best of Prezi,” LinkedIn, Moevir, Columbia Sports, is a Forbes under 30 scholar, Global Kraft Scholar, Coca Cola Scholar, Questbridge Scholar, and serves as a board member to the Columbia Alumni Association and Second Century of the Core to restructure Columbia’s curriculum.

Learn about how Yasna's identity, background, and various interests and work have shaped her and affected her experiences.

Episode 38: Expressing Yourself Through the Arts ft. Molly Smith

Molly Smith is a 19 year old writer and filmmaker. Her film “Dear America” voiced the frustration of her generation on the heels of the Parkland, FL school shooting and garnered national attention, a National Student Production Emmy in the PSA category, and the National Coalition Against Censorship’s Youth Free Expression award. A storyteller first and foremost, Molly’s writing has been recognized with two Scholastic National Gold Medals, a top playwright under 24 designation from the Be Original Theatre Festival, and a National Student Production Emmy in the writing craft


category. Molly was named a 2020 Cameron Impact Scholar by the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation and attends Yale University studying writing and film.

In this episode, hear about where Molly's writing and film journey first began and how she navigates the film industry as a young woman, turning her ideas into reality.

Episode 39: Combatting Inequality in STEM ft. Maansi Nema

Maansi Nema is a freshman at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor who loves both technology and business. She has been a Girl Scout since Kindergarten, earning her Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award. As a national Gold Award Girl Scout nominee, she has organized several STEM nights in her community with over 1,150 attendees and has reached over 25,000 people. By partnering with over 20 organizations such as Girls Who Code and Society of Women Engineers, she realized the powerful impact she was able to make in her community.


So to give other students the same opportunity, she founded STEM Without Boundaries, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training high school students to host STEM nights by providing all the resources, funding, and mentorship. The nonprofit has been able to reach over 200,000 students worldwide and is a team of 50 high school and college students and adults.

Recognizing the importance of diverse voices in STEM fields, Maansi has led conversations in her community with the assistant superintendent and technology leaders for how schools can encourage girls to pursue STEM. Additionally, Maansi is the 2020 Young Woman of Distinction for Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, treasurer of Novi Youth Council (the city’s student board), and a 2019 FIRST Robotics World Championship Chairman’s Presenter.

To further her interest in technology, in 2020 Maansi was selected to participate in Kode With Klossy, an organization which provides multi learning experiences that increase interest in STEAM at the intersection of technology and creativity for young women 13-18 across the country. Attending the program and interacting with her mentors and peers allowed her to connect with a powerful community of women.

Maansi has experience coding in Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript and is pursuing a computer science major at the University of Michigan's College of Engineering.  She is eager to learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence software and is curious to see how these technologies will shape our future. She cherishes creating connections with people and thrives by challenging herself to grow and reflect everyday. In the workforce, she hopes to bring her enthusiasm, background, and lived experiences to contribute to the technologies that are produced today.

Learn where Maansi's passion for both STEM and serving her community originated from, and how she now battles gender inequality in STEM by bringing free resources to students across the world.

Episode 40: Amplifying Marginalized Voices in Tech ft. Elaine Montilla

International speaker powerhouse, Elaine Montilla is the founder of 5xminority.com, a company and social media brand dedicated to empowering women and minorities, particularly those working in tech. She’s a proud contributing author to the first edition of Hispanic Stars Rising: A New Face of Power, which showcases leaders with diverse backgrounds, experiences, challenges, and the ongoing contributions being made by this strong and resilient community in the U.S. She also currently balances her public speaking engagements with her work being the Assistant Vice Center presenter.


President and CIO for Information Technology at The Graduate Center, CUNY. As if that wasn’t enough already, she still finds the time to serve as a Forbes Technology Council member and contributor and is an AMA Women’s Leadership

Learn how Elaine navigated through the tech industry as a newcomer to the US, along with how she now empowers minorities to succeed and thrive in STEM.