Episode 21: Battling Societal Expectations as Youth ft.  Fabiana Romain

At 16 years old, Fabiana Romain runs her own podcast called "Mind Uncovered", in which she explores how daily life situations affect the mind, brain, and mental health. Taking part in debate competitions made her realize the power of words, and she decided to use hers to spread awareness about one of the things she's passionate about, along with sharing that passion with others. She is also the founder and CEO of the Mind Uncovered Initiative, with the vision to have a world where young people care deeply about their minds and brains and are further interested in


issues related to them. Fabiana hopes to become a neurologist in the future, but for now, she hopes to major in neuroscience and biomedical engineering. She loves reading and writing and is hoping to publish a poetry book in the near future.

As teens, we all go through different struggles, but they're not always easy to battle on our own, whether it's about societal pressures and expectations or issues with mental health. Listen to how Fabiana's personal experiences as a high-school student have taught her how to battle these struggles and speak up about these topics through her own podcast. Find out how she believes we can come together to fight these stigmas and expectations, along with what her advice is for struggling youth out there.

Episode 22: Manifesting Your Dream Life ft. Judy Rina

Judy Rina ditched her 9-5 cubicle job in the finance world to answer a soul calling to live a life of freedom and passion. Today, she is a content creator and blogger and is passionate about helping others realize their true potential, and live in their purpose. She talks about manifesting goals, living your dream life, and becoming the best version of yourself all while sharing her own personal journey of creating a life filled with joy & purpose. When she is not working on her blog, she is helping her fiance run a multi-media


production company, called Pathfinder Productions. Together they're on a mission to make a positive impact on the world and the people around them through the art of content creation.

Find out how Judy's decision changed her entire life plan and mindset, leading her to help others use the power of their words and minds to carry out their own dream lives as well.

Episode 23: Defining Mental Health as A Physical Health ft. Anouska Saraf

Anouska Saraf (she/her) is a rising Sophomore at UCLA majoring in Biology. She plans to pursue medicine and is passionate about increasing accessibility to science and education. She founded Speak Now: Mental Health Awareness Campaign at 15 to inform and educate young people in her community about mental illness, and was invited to give a TEDx talk at 17. She is also the Co-Founder of milkshakefrommars.blog, a platform that represents and celebrates women in STEM from all across the world. She also loves to write and be outdoors.


In this episode, Anouska shares her experience with mental health and her journey exploring mental illness and neuropsychiatry, in addition to her knowledge on the subject. Learn how Anouska believes youth can fight back against the mental health stigma and battle mental health struggles of their own.

Episode 24: Reinventing the Perception of STEM ft. Izzy Lapidus

Izzy is a rising-sophomore at Barnard College of Columbia University studying Computer Science and Education. Izzy is a prominent voice in the girls in STEM community, frequently delivering talks sharing her STEM story, encouraging her audiences to explore and pursue their own STEM passions. Since July 2020, Izzy has delivered and spoken on 30+ workshops and panels, reaching thousands of students worldwide. Izzy is passionate about using tech to story tell, express herself, and make the world a better place. She plans to use her CS degree to teach others how to code and develop


innovative approaches to CS education. As an intern in the American Museum of Natural History's astrophysics department in 2019-2020, Izzy's team discovered brown dwarf 2M2351B 66 light-years from Earth. Izzy is committed to completely reimagining the way we view STEM as a society.

Learn how Izzy ignited and explored her passions in astrophysics and computer science, along with her experiences in advocating for gender equality in STEM. Find out how she hopes to rebrand the view society has on this field, in addition to how you can contribute to this mission by exploring and sharing your STEM skills with the world.

Episode 25: Living a Life of Confidence ft. Kisha (Coach K) Simmons

Kisha “Coach K” Simmons mission is to enrich, equip and educate women with confidence to walk worthy in their calling. It’s been stated that  confidence is an important contributor to a person's performance. In business, confidence is the unlock to experiencing increased profits and potential. Personally, confidence will increase your self-esteem and assist in attracting positivity.

From customized “Confidence K.I.C.K.” workshops, Business Leadership training, K.I.C.K.start Business Intensives, International Retreats, Coaching,


Motivational segments, and Content-Driven Speaking Engagements, Coach K empowers each person to, KICKstart their confidence in order to increase Profits & Unlock Potential!

With 20+ years in Business Leadership, being recognized for People Development, increasing million dollar profits for multiple Fortune 500 brands, Coach K is the go to Confidence Coach to bring your business to the next level. She now shares her expertise and partners with others on her new talk show Getting Candid with Coach K.

Learn how Coach K overcame mental health challenges and used her experiences as inspiration to empower youth and help others live their lives with confidence. 

Episode 26: Advocating for Climate Justice ft. Heizal Nagginda

Heizal Nagginda is a climate and environmental activist from Uganda. She is the founder of Climate Operation, a youth led organisation whose mission is to educate Ugandan children and communities about climate change and its intersection with other social issues such as health and gender. Climate Operation also involves young people in climate related activism in the form of tree planting activities. Heizal is passionate about creating a more inclusive space where young people's voices are amplified and through Climate Operation's storytelling series, young people get to share


their experiences of how the climate crisis has not only impacted them but what they are doing to ensure that they advocate for a safer, cleaner, and fairer environment.

Learn how Heizal began and continues her advocacy work, and better understand the human impact that comes with climate change. Find out how youth can battle the climate crisis together.

Episode 27: Overcoming an Eating Disorder ft. Megan Larison

Megan Larison currently lives in Jersey City and graduated with her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of Kentucky in 2020. She is completing a 2 year postdoctoral pharmaceutical industry fellowship focused in oncology and is serving as the co-chief fellow for her company. Megan is passionate about sharing her personal and professional experiences to relate with others who may be going through similar paths. Megan has been recovered from an eating disorder for over 3 years now


and feels stronger mentally and physically than ever. She believes mental health is just as important as physical health. Megan enjoys spending time with her dog, staying physically active and trying new restaurants in her free time.

Learn about Megan's struggles with an eating disorder and her incredible recovery journey, along with how her experience shaped her perspectives and mindset.

Episode 28: Navigating the Environmental Movement as POC ft. Samia Shell

Samia Shell is an environmental justice and human rights advocate as well as a fashion model. She is an incoming environmental law student at St. John’s University School of Law and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in French from St. John’s University.

Samia manifests her passion for the environment and humanity through her studies and experience in international development, environmental


litigation and policy, climate change, food systems, and conservation. She is a member of YOUNGO, the Official Youth Constituency to the UNFCCC, and engages with several other environmental advocacy constituencies.

Her recent advocacy has focused on the global campaign for universal recognition of the human right to a healthy and sustainable environment, in addition to serving as a member of the Intergenerational Advisory Council for the Phoenix Consultation.

Learn about Samia's journey and perspective in advocating for environmental justice, along with how her passion for social equity ties into it all.

Episode 29: Educating Society About Climate Change ft. Iris Samputu

Iris Samputu AKA sustainability_bae (she/her) is a chemical engineer and climate change activist working towards climate change education and awareness. She's currently pursuing a MASc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Ottawa after graduating with a BSc in Biochemistry and a BASc in Chemical Engineering. For her MASc Iris is working on designing membranes for CO2 capture for post fuel combustion applications to make fossil fuels a viable energy source and reduce the already emitted CO2. Iris


also has an Instagram account @sustability_bae which she uses to help bridge the gap between activism and academia in climate change awareness and education.


Learn about Iris's journey within the climate change movement and how she works within the intersection between environmental awareness and education.

Episode 30: Uplifting Youth Through Technology ft. Abigayle Peterson

Abigayle Peterson is a 19 y/o Founder and CEO of Magnify Wellness,  an award-winning tech nonprofit whose mission is to ensure equal access to mental health support through outreach programs and technology. They are a mission to magnify one-million mental health resources! Recently, they were named Top 6 Global Health Innovations worldwide! Find out more here: magnifywellness.org


As a passionate mental health advocate, storyteller, and lover of tech, she has been featured on 30+ platforms through her speaking engagements. She also uses her experience as a published writer, mentor + mentee, undergraduate SWE intern at Bank Of America, and undergraduate AI researcher to help underrepresented groups in STEM find their voice.

Learn how Abigayle's past experiences led to her passion for battling the mental health stigma through technology and for empowering young minds in STEM.