Self-Care Support is a website designed to motivate and encourage individuals to help improve their mental health. By connecting teens and changemakers in one community, and by also providing free resources and recommendations, one main goal is to bring more awareness to mental health issues and mental illnesses. Users may share their own stories and motivations in our forum, and they may also connect with and chat with new people with similar interests. Through our partners (in various fields such as STEM, business, medicine, mental health, global issues/activism, and more), we are also creating a platform where high-school students can further educate themselves in issues they care about or in subjects they are passionate about through workshops, events, leadership and volunteer opportunities, magazines, articles, and much more, led by our incredible community of entrepreneurs. We hope to inspire youth through our interviews with incredible changemakers and entrepreneurs. Thanks to a grant from Points of Light, we were able to make this idea possible.

Meet the Team

Allene Yue

Founder & Executive Director

Allene is a high school junior attending Valley Christian High School in San Jose, California. She is a Co-CEO of Empowering Youth in Business and does marketing for multiple organizations. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and practicing tennis. She also enjoys tutoring younger students and traveling.

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Arushi Tyagi

Arushi is a junior at Monta Vista High School. She loves playing badminton and learning about the environment. She’s interested in computer science and entrepreneurship and hopes to use those skills to start a business and spread awareness about sustainability.

President of Communications

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Bhavya Venkataraghavan

Bhavya Venkataraghavan is a junior at Cupertino High School in Cupertino, California. She has a growing interest in graphic design and social media marketing. In her free time, she enjoys digital art, crocheting, and origami. She is also involved with several other clubs and organizations.

President of Media


Kishka Ticoalu

Kishka is a 15-year-old student from Jakarta, Indonesia. As a hobby, she enjoys reading true crime books and enjoys graphic design. She also hope to learn more about design through new people and new experiences. 

President of Graphic Design

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Joanna Renai

Joanna is a full-time university student from Malaysia, currently pursuing her career in the field of Psychology.  She is also an owner of a small business that sells custom digital illustrations, known as Jo Art Labels. During her free time, she loves watching K-dramas and playing the piano. She hopes that Self Care Support would be able to encourage everyone out there to care for themselves.  

Director of Website


Meiyao Li

Meiyao is a sophomore in Redmond High School in Seattle, Washington. She is a passionate digital illustrator and believes that mental health resources deserve to be spread in an appealing and interesting way by illustrations. She is enthusiastic to help in this mission and hopes to let more people worldwide have access to mental health support! She believes her creativity can help spread mental health awareness together with Self-care

Executive Art Director

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Bhavya Dwivedi is from Varanasi, India. She has a keen interest in interning with NGOs and Youth empowerment organizations, and she strongly advocates mental health & feminism! 

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Natalie Hong

Natalie is a junior attending Valley Christian High School in the bay area. She plays piano and violin and has been tutoring elementary students for nearly 4 years. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing games with her friends. 

Head of Content


Karlin Decker

President of Marketing

Karlin is a junior from Michigan and is very passionate about people take charge of their mental health! In the future, she plans to attend medical school to become a pediatrician. In her free time, she enjoys making products for her business and spending quality time with her family, friends and dogs. 


Cecilia Castellon

President of Outreach

Cecilia Castellon is a currently junior at Information Technology High School where she's involved in National Honor Society, Safe Space, and My Sisters Keeper. She's focusing on majoring in psychology in the future once she graduates from high school. Her hobbies are Community Service, Violin Playing, and Video Editing.



James Pieter

Marketing Intern

James is a 9th-grade student in high school, soon to graduate. He is 14 years old and lives in Cibubur, Indonesia. He hopes to gain experience in activities related to marketing since he plans to major in it later on.  

Bhavya Dwivedi

VP of Outreach


Anita Huang

Anita is a high school junior attending Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California. She volunteers at multiple clubs and helps to tutor children. Outside of school, she likes to play competitive badminton, creates artwork, and enjoys watching anime. In the future, Anita would like to travel to different places such as Korea, Japan, and Paris.

Preisident of Programs


Willow Brenig

President of Initiatives

Willow is a sophomore at Blair High School in Maryland. She has a passion for baking, and is studying business at school hoping to one day open her own bakery. She loves learning new languages and is now fluent in 3 different ones. She is currently working towards becoming a certified 200 hr yoga teacher during her free time!


Michael Andal

Director of Projects

Michael is a Senior attending Crystal Lake South High School, Illinois. He is passionate about finding ways to incorporate social advocacy and computer science into his life. In his free time, he often enjoys indulging in music, food, working out, fashion, and immersing himself in nature. 


Parnika Pagadala

Project Management Intern

Parnika Pagadala is a high school freshman attending Collierville High School in Tennessee.   In the future she plans to attend medical school and become a cardiologist. In her free time she enjoys reading, dancing, painting, and playing chess.


Dominique Suniadji

Project Management Intern

Dominique Suniadji is a freshman from Indonesia. She likes to sing and often listens to music! She can be found playing the piano or reading during her free time.

Arabeny Gonzalez

Arabeny is a senior at Laney High School in North Carolina. In her free time, she does jiu-jitsu, muay thai, skateboarding, learns astrology, loves volunteering, learning asl, reading, and hanging out with friends! Pronouns are she/they and her end goal is to become an ER/Forensic Nurse!


Project Management Intern




Chinelo is a junior/rising senior at Franklin High School in central jersey. Her hobbies include reading romance, playing the piano and the viola, and listening to music. She has an interest in writing and bringing awareness to pressing issues. 

Main Contributor

Bryan Ang

Main Contributor

Bryan is a 16-year-old rising junior at East-West International School of Studies in New York City. During his free time, he likes to watch movies, draw and run tracks. He also enjoys participating in multiple clubs and organizations to raise awareness for global issues/concerns that more people need to take a stand on.

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Charlena Li

Charlena is a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School in New York City. She enjoys sports, traveling, books, and food. In her free time, she can be found volunteering, binging shows, or hanging out with friends.



Aastha Chopra


Aastha Chopra is a third-year dental student who is a bibliophile and a burgeoning writer. She is a firm believer in the fact that articulating and penning down your thoughts unambiguously can create a sanguine impact on the reader’s mindset. She enjoys traveling, reading, writing, and journaling. She has an inestimable connection with this website with a deep purpose to create articles that bring value to the lives of a reader.


Aliyah Cimek

Residing in Canada, Ali is a 19-year-old student with plans to enter medical malpractice law and/or neuropsychological research, both of which she wants to attend McGill University for, while also working to build a political name for herself. Ali is especially passionate about improving healthcare equality and psychiatric services, as well as enforcing stricter child protection services in Canada. In her leisure time, you can usually find her in a greenhouse, thrift shop, or on a picnic blanket with some paint.


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Sophia Weiner


Sophia Weiner is a senior in high school who is very passionate about the body positivity and self love movement. She participates in her high school dance team and does strictly ballet at her dance studio. She is extremely excited to spread the love!